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8 Steps of an XLR8 Digital Marketing Strategy

XLR8 Your Business with Our Digital Marketing Plan

There are so many choices when you’re looking to work with a digital marketing agency that can grow your business. Very few digital agencies truly understand your business well enough to give you a comprehensive digital marketing plan that will grow your business. That is because you have never spoken with XLR8.

We know what your digital marketing plan needs to be successful. XLR8 understands the specific business needs of our data-driven clients because we come from a data-first background.

As such, we can deliver you a comprehensive, 8-point digital marketing plan that grows your business based upon the facts, not hunches. This scientific approach of “always be testing” leads to quicker, better results.

Give us a call to see how an our digital marketing plan will XLR8 your companies profits.

Every XLR8 digital marketing plan is a comprehensive strategy that covers 8 aspects. Those are:

Content Creation

Your company needs to be in front of your clients to make an impression and make them want to reach out to you. That is our job and we do it well. From strategizing with you to determine how your company speaks to your specific audience on social media, to well crafted, specific and individualized landing pages to what you will write about, your XLR8 team knows how to grow your presence and brand awareness, getting you in front of your audience when they’re looking for you. 

Your Digital Marketing Plan delivers great content across multiple channels.

  • Specific Landing Pages for Every Campaign
  • Social Media Posts that Build Awareness & Site Traffic
  • Blogging to Establish Industry Credibility

Search Engine Optimization

It does not matter if you’re the best if no one can find you. Building off of Step 1, we make sure that your site is optimized according to the latest best practices and we help your company create timely and relevant content that will put you in front of customers when they are looking.

During the onsite SEO optimization phase, we review your websites tags, headers, speed, internal and external links and more. We also work to build up your credibility with other trusted sites in your industry in order to increase your ranking. 

Finally, we ensure that your company is registered with Google and your NAP (name, address, phone) is consistent to ensure your credibility is AAA rated.

Give your website maximum visibility to Search Engines.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Google My Business Listing

Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns

Taking a balanced approach, we focus on both your long term growth via onsite and offsite SEO, but also the short term through paid media. By running social media and paid search ad campaigns, we are able to generate quicker results for your company. 

XLR8 takes pride in knowing your company and your goals so that we can build targeted ads to reach your most likely prospects and audience. As a result, we have been able to help our clients maximize their marketing dollars and grow their business.

Take advantage of our expert knowledge in Pay-Per-Click advertising.

  • Google AdWords & Bing Ads
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Market Analysis

Social & Video Media Marketing

Every day it seems like there is a new social media platform that the ‘experts’ are saying that you MUST be a part of. Well, we disagree. Yes, social media is imperative to your company in this day and age, but it’s not as simple as opening up an account and claiming “you are on” there. 

Let’s talk about your audience and how we will help you find, and target, those people. We will also discuss your goals so that we can determine which platform(s) you need to be on and devise a plan for reaching out to your potential clients.

Which Social Media Platform is best for your business?

  • Which platform is best for you – Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc?
  • Where Can We Find Your Target Audience?
  • Professional Account Management

Display & Programmatic Marketing

We all know that the world of business is now digital, but what does that mean for YOUR company? Creating a website, Facebook page and paying an ad agency to take your money to run ads is pointless and bordering upon criminal.

XLR8 goes deeper. After initial ad testing, we discover who your audience is, what ads they respond to, build your brand awareness. Using programmatic marketing, we have a high degree of certainty regarding which 3rd party ad outlets will increase your company’s profile and branding with potential clients. This refined process delivers the highest conversion rates for our partners.

Round out your Digital Marketing Strategy to maximize your exposure.

  • Image & Video Ads on 3rd-Party Websites
  • Build Branding and Awareness
  • Target In-Market & Affinity Audiences

Drip Campaign eMail Automation

Well crafted emails are still the best way to keep your company in front of your clients mind. By combining your CRM database with our helpful, customizable emails with clear calls to action, we deliver higher open and response rates for our clients. Due to our years of experience, we also can advise you about the right amount of outreach for your clientele because we want them to remember you, not be annoyed by you.

Keep in touch with your clients automagically with superior CRM.

  • Custom eMail Templates
  • Contact Form Manager
  • Visual Workflows & Automation

Lead Capture & Segmentation

You can not make the right decisions for your company if you don’t understand your audience. How do you know if you’re spending your valuable marketing dollars on the right ads if you don’t understand who to target? Which ad really connected with your strongest customer base? None of these very important questions can be answered if you don’t know how to sift through the mountain of data collected from your ad campaigns. XLR8 knows where to look, how to hone in on your top customers and then craft a targeted marketing campaign that meets these customers where they’re at. 

Let us show you who is interested in your business.

  • Visitor Identification & Audience Personas
  • Automate Segmented List Generation
  • Lead-Scoring & Sales Pipelines

Analytics, Remarketing & Conversion Optimization

Data is great. We love data. But data just for the sake of data are useless numbers. You need a company that can translate the numbers, dig into what we’ve learned and find the hidden metrics that really tell us the story. 

XLR8 excels at interpreting the statistical facts from our marketing campaigns. Comparing the new data, the facts, with our initial hypothesis, we can make the necessary adjustments to optimize conversion rates. This constant process of measuring, adjusting and analyzing is how we are able to deliver for our clients.

Stop guessing what your target audience believes and let us determine what they’re telling you.

How do you know if your target audience wasn’t ready to convert yet?

  • Audience Building with Google Analytics
  • Finely Targeted Ads in Search & on 3rd-Party Websites
  • Leverage Google Analytics for Conversion Optimization