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Using Data For
Smarter Marketing

Get a Customized Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy That Connects Your Business with Your Ideal Client

Better Data Analysis For Better Marketing Results

XLR8 Digital takes a consistent, scientific approach to helping you grow your business. Our data-driven, analytical approach to marketing helps us make better decisions on who your client is, what appeals to them and the best time, and manner, to reach them. This disciplined strategy gets our clients faster results, saving them valuable time and money.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Making Sure Potential Clients Find Your Business Organically Through Engaging Content and Website Optimization

Social Media Account Management

Managing All of Your Social Media Accounts To Grow Brand Loyalty, Engagement, Awareness & Conversions

Paid media campaign management (pPC)

Certified Ad Managers Optimizing Your Ad Campaigns Across All Networks (Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

data analytics and analysis

Breaking Down All Of Your Web Traffic Into Meaningful Metrics To Discover the Best Ways To Grow Your Business
XLR8 Digital | Our digital marketing agency helps small businesses grow.

Small Businesses

Big Dreams

Being a boutique digital marketing agency based in Connecticut, but with a national presence, we understand the challenges small and medium businesses with big dreams face. 

XLR8 specializes in using data to make our clients reality by being smarter, more efficient and more nimble. Our clients hire us because we help them connect with their customer base using facts, not guesses. 

Free Marketing Audit

Speak with an expert about your current digital marketing needs. Make sure that your marketing strategy is the best way to reach your target audience. It’s free, so call us now for a review.


Meets Marketing

The answer to your questions about how to grow your business are out there. Do not guess at the solution or pay an agency to guess about the best way to grow your business, let XLR8 gets the answer.

Our scientific backgrounds give us a new look on problem solving. We rapidly “test, analyze, and adjustā€¯ to get faster results, saving you time, money and still growing your business. 

Our list of happy clients proves that our scientific, data-focused approach to growing your business works.

Manhattan Upper Cervical Chiropractic
Dr. Matt Glass

"XLR8 Digital handles a significant portion of my digital marketing and does a great job. The team is very professional and their business practices and ethics are really great. Their team has done a tremendous job for me in the area of digital marketing in really expanding my ability to reach more people with my message and how I can help them."
Todd Cavaluzzi

"As a lean Non-profit organization, XLR8 Digital has given us the broad range of support needed to ramp up our fundraising efforts online. They have taken the initiative to align with our vision and have been involved in every aspect of our online development from Google ads, analytics and social media to fundraising campaigns, graphic design and even event planning. They have a genuine commitment to our cause that really sets them apart from their competitors."

xlr8 Digital

Customized digital marketing connecting your business with your ideal client

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